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Student Lunches in Newcastle: £5 and under!

By Macy, Student Content Creator

Newcastle has an amazing and affordable food scene, meaning there's a huge variety of lunch options across the city at great value for money!

We thought we’d share our tried and tested top 5 list of lunches if you’re looking for some inspiration on where to grab a cheap and easy bite.

Slice BLOG

1. Slice, Grainger Market

Slice is a longstanding favourite amongst students at Newcastle University. Nestled amongst the bustling Grainger Market isles, Slice offers delicious and fresh Italian pizza from just £2.50 per slice! With a range of choices and generously sized slices, you really can’t go wrong with this option. Just make sure you have some change on you, as the stall is cash only.


F and T BLOG

2. Frankie and Tony’s, Ridley Place

Frankie and Tony’s is a traditional sandwich bar just a five minute walk away from campus. Their extensive choice of sandwich fillings, paninis, jacket potatoes, soups and more sets this place apart from the rest. Everything on the menu is under £5, making Frankie and Tony’s a go-to if you’re looking for a quick lunch. But beware, there’s often a queue to get in the door of this popular spot!


G Banger BLOG

3. Geordie Bangers, Grainger Market

Another fantastic local business worth checking out is Geordie Bangers, the gourmet sausage company. From their stall in the Grainger Market, they serve up incredible sausage sandwiches for only a few pounds. They can also be found at Jesmond Food Market every month! If you’re lucky, you can catch their renowned Jalapeño sausages before they sell out.


Dumpling House BLOG

4. The Little Dumpling House, Ridley Place

Also close to campus is The Little Dumpling House, a small eatery which dishes up Chinese street food full of big flavours. Their Chinese wraps and steamed dumplings are fresh and delicious, with generous servings. They also have a great range of vegetarian and vegan options, making this place a versatile lunch option!


Greggs BLOG

5. Greggs

We couldn’t end this list without including the iconic Greggs - a true staple of Newcastle life! Their range of meal deals under £5 makes Greggs the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat in between classes. With multiple locations across the city centre, you’re never far away from a Steak Bake or a Vegan Sausage Roll!


If you want to know more about affordable lunch options in Newcastle, watch our TikTok where we put this list to the test.


Written by Macy, International Multimedia Journalism MA student and Student Content Creator.