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Congregations in the hot weather

By Newcastle University
Newcastle University Campus in the Sun with Students in Graduation Gowns Outside

With temperatures hitting highs this week, please have a read of our advice for keeping safe and cool at our graduation ceremonies.

If you’re graduating this week, first of all – congratulations!

Our ceremonies will still be going ahead as planned and we’re really looking forward to welcoming you for your special day.

The health and safety of all our graduates, guests and colleagues is very important to us, especially with the hot weather forecasted for this week.

The temperatures are expected to reach approximately 30-33°C on Monday and Tuesday so we’ll be doing our best to ventilate the ceremony venue as much as possible with the use of windows, doors and additional fans.

We’ve also put together some additional advice ahead of your ceremony to ensure you keep safe:



Please bring a full bottle of water with you to take into the ceremony and ensure that you keep well hydrated throughout the day. Water bottles will be able to be refilled in the Courtyard Restaurant or water can be purchased in the Co-op shop within the Students’ Union Building. There will also be some bottled water made available as you enter the Armstrong Building.


Loose-fitting clothing

Please wear appropriate light/cool clothing. Remember you’ll also be wearing your graduation gown so loose-fitting clothing is advised.



We recommend aiming to arrive at least 1hr 30 mins before the start of your ceremony so that you don’t need to rush around beforehand.


Feeling unwell

If you, or any of your guests, start to feel unwell or have a high temperature, please alert a Marshal or other member of staff as soon as possible so that medical attention can be sought.


Deferring your ceremony

If you’re no longer able to attend your ceremony and/or would prefer to defer to the December period instead, please contact us to let us know. Please be aware it isn’t possible to switch ceremonies to a different day within the current period.


Please take care in this hot weather and we can’t wait to welcome you this week.