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Get ready for exams with our Academic Skills Sessions

By Newcastle University

We’re here throughout exam season with practical, research-based strategies to help you formulate your best possible answers! 

Master your mind maps and fly through your flashcards with our tailored resources and live sessionsWe’ll explore planning and organisation strategies, look at getting to grips with what the question is really asking, and discover the only two revision strategies that have been proven to work. 

Designed to complement the ASK website resources and WDC revision events, join us for live sessions on… 


Evidence-based revision strategies (Tue 27th April, 11.00-12.00) 


Did you know that only two revision techniques have been proven to work? Find out what they are here. We’ll show you how to build these techniques into your own revision, creating evidence-based revision strategies to make sure all that information really sticks. 


Practical tips for online assessments (Wed 5th May, 12.00-1.00) 

online work

Not sure where to start when it comes to revision and open exams? We’ll show you how to get going! We’ll discuss how to plan your revision, different revision techniques for different types of information, and give you practical advice about how to make sure you have access to all the information you need, when you need it. 


Cracking the code’ – decoding essay questions for online assessments (Fri 14th May, 10.00-11.00) 

writing (1)

It sounds obvious, but you need to know what exam questions are really asking you for! Taking some time to understand the question means you’ll give a much better answer. In this session, we’ll look at breaking down the key terms used in exam questions, how to use them to plan your answers, and how they should look on the page. 


Top tips before submission of an online exam essay (Mon 17th May, 3.00-4.00) 

revision (1)

In this session we’ll look at how to make sure your academic writing style is working for you. Your markers won’t be expecting a perfect document, but it’s a good idea to work out in advance if there’s anything likely to cause you problems. We’ll look at how to use your feedback to identify areas to work on, and where to go for more in-depth advice, as well as formulating a personalised list of things to check for before you submit. 


Book in and get more details below – we look forward to seeing you! And if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at academicskills@newcastle.ac.uk 

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