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Enrichment Week 2020 | Careers Service

By Newcastle University

Take time to invest in yourself and your future this Enrichment Week as we bring you a series of masterclasses, live events and resources from the Careers Service. 

Enrichment Week 2020 has now ended, but we still have lots of resources available for you. See below for pre-recorded webinars on all kinds of topics, or check out our latest Careers events. Whether it’s taking time to sort out your CV or considering starting up your own business, we have it covered. 


Career Planning  

Now more than ever, ‘career planning’ can seem daunting. It may help to remember for most people, the ‘perfect’ job or career doesn’t exist. People tend to have on average up to three different careers during their working life, so you don’t need to plan too far ahead at this stage.  

Few people have a ‘grand’ career plan when they leave university. However, you can still do something now to help you move forward, rather than waiting for inspiration to strike. The following masterclasses and sessions may help:  



Career Planning – Self Employed Careers 

A recent study of 1,000 UK undergraduates found that 27% of students have a business or want to start one soon, despite few originally setting out to be their own boss. Whether you realise it or not, taking on your own business or freelance projects whilst studying can enrich your student experience and develop your skills as well as brining in some extra cash 

Our START UP team have developed a range of resources for you to access during this Enrichment Week and beyond: 



Have you ever wondered where to start with your LinkedIn profile, or even why you should have one? This is a perfect opportunity to find out how to use LinkedIn for finding opportunities and making connections 


Putting You On Paper  

Applications take time and effort. It's more effective to make a few high quality, well-tailored, applications than lots of generic ones. Whatever career you’re interested in, our CV writing and covering letter masterclasses will be invaluable.  



Job Searching and Finding Experience  

Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, internship, placement or graduate level job, it can sometimes be daunting knowing where to start. These masterclasses and videos will help you on your way:  

You can also read our blog which features a lot of students and their experiences of placements, as well as information on how to find unadvertised opportunities 


Assessment Centres and Interviews   

You might have an assessment centre or interview coming up (congratulations!) or you might be in the process of applying at the moment. No matter what stage you’re at with your  job search, you’ll find masterclasses on how to prepare and succeed 

How to Prepare for an Assessment Centre  

Online Interviews – Masterclass  

Interviews: Preparing and Succeeding – Masterclass  

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Add to your degree with the ncl+ Award 

Being at University is so much more than your course; it’s also about being part of something, making friends, playing sports, volunteering and learning from new experiences. These extra-curricular activities and the skills you develop through them help make you more employable. 

The ncl+ Award is a way for you to demonstrate these skills to employers. If you're an undergraduate student, you can also gain recognition and credit on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) for the time and effort you put in to extra-curricular activities. Whether it’s clubs and societies, volunteering, part time work or an international experience – if you are doing something outside of your course, then register for the NCL+ Award.