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Summer in Newcastle: Book Crawl

By Leyla, Student Content Creator

Looking for your next summer activity? Check out Leyla's book crawl!

As summer in Newcastle approaches, it is the perfect time to settle down in front of the Civic Centre, in Exhibition Park, or City Stadium with a lovely book. Whether you are into sci-fi, fantasy, romance, literary fiction or horror, the sun beckons reading time, and Newcastle city itself is full of beautiful and exciting book shops, each with something different to offer to fulfil your literary needs.

The Route

If we start in the city centre and work our way towards Heaton, there are the big-name bookshops, like Waterstones and Blackwells, as well as the great charity bookshops and the independent sellers.


1. Books for Amnesty

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Located on Westgate Road, Books for Amnesty sells second-hand and preloved books for as little as £1.

With sections in history, fantasy, children’s books, mystery and politics, this tiny bookshop has something for everyone.

It also has a high turnover of books, meaning that you will always find something new!


2. Waterstones

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Waterstones is the most famous name for bookshops in Newcastle.

Though it does not have the delights of an independent bookshop, it does have several floors of books, a stamp system once you register for a free card and hosts a wide range of literary events that are always worth checking out.

Waterstones also has a lovely cafe to study in or read your latest purchases. 


3. The NewBridge Project

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This bookshop focuses on zines, poetry and magazines and has an arrangement of stickers and tote bags available on offer too.

Located on Shields road, the NewBridge Project has an active events programme and is running opportunities for artists and writers if you are interested in getting more involved.

Why not visit their website


4. 1B Books


One of the most recent bookshops to open near Heaton Park, 1B Books has a beautiful green exterior and aesthetic wooden floor that leads to a rich section of brand new books specifically curated by the owners, an LGBTQIA+ literature section and a whole room of preloved books.

At affordable prices, 1B books also offers an order scheme in case you can’t find what you are looking for and the owners are always keen to have a little chat, especially about books!


Bonus: Barter Books

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A little further outside of Newcastle, there is always the bus to Alwnick to the famous Barter Books.

Housing over 300,000 second hand books and a buffet cafe in an old, disused train station, this book shop is filled with beautiful lights, a working train set and quotes painted on the walls.

If you are keen on a day trip, add this one to your list.





By Leyla, third-year English Literature, Language & Linguistics student and Student Content Creator

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