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Top Student Eats in Newcastle!

By Allison, Student Content Creator

We've all been there: mid-lecture and your stomach begins growling...

You've got a seminar and lab left in your day, and you woke up 15 minutes before your lecture and didn't have a chance to pack some food. Going home for a bite to eat isn't an option. What do you do? Check out the following blog post to discover some awesome spots in town for when you're craving something good to eat.

Redhead's Mac & Cheese - Grainger Market

2-May-15-2024-08-31-48-2095-AMWith all this cold North East weather, nothing beats a hot meal. What's better than a hot meal? A cheesy one!

Redhead's Mac 'n' Cheese, in Grainger Market, is only a 13-minute walk from the main campus and offers cheesy goodness that will hit the spot.

With flavours that are unmatched, Redhead's has become a favourite of mine, more specifically, their Sticky Rib option which is pictured. This delicious meal only costs me £6.50...

...and is worth every penny! Whether you're in need of a quick lunch or a comforting dinner, Redhead's Mac 'n' Cheese delivers satisfaction with every bite!


The Bagel Factory - Eldon Square


Back home, bagels are a super popular breakfast food, and I was so surprised to find a bagel spot here in Newcastle. The Bagel Factory, located in Eldon Square, is surely unmatched.

I usually swing by as it is an 11-minute walk from the Business School, where I frequent, and grab my all-time favourite, a Chicken Club equipped with chicken breast, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo squashed between an everything bagel bun!

This bite only costs me £8.95!


Oki Poke - St Andrew's Street 

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I can honestly talk about this place for hours! Before trying Oki Poke, I had never been introduced to poke bowls, but now it's fair to say this is one of my favourite spots in town. From Nigiri to Sashimi, Oki Poke will definitely satisfy your Asian Food cravings at a totally affordable price! My usual bowl comes to around £10.90 and arrives in a huge pan that fills me up with the promise of leftovers. Have your choice of selecting from their pre-made bowls or make your own by selecting your base, protein, toppings, and dressing. 

Sweet Dreams - St Andrew's Street 

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After a long day at uni, it's so tempting to give in and order a sweet treat. My girls and I have fallen victim to the hefty Uber Eats delivery fees, that is until we realised how close we lived to Sweet Dreams! Located in the centre of town on St Andrew's St, 12 minutes from the main campus, Sweet Dreams offers cheesecakes, waffles, crepes, milkshakes, gelato, cookie dough, and so, so much more! With super affordable prices for literally the sweetest deal in town, I think it's definitely a favourite cheat-day treat.

Dough Daze - Ridley Street


Possibly the closest to campus, Dough Daze hits every single time. A favourite for me and my girls, Dough Daze's pies are super affordable at £10.95!

I usually share with a friend so that's a £5.47 deal that's silly to pass up.

Snuggled into the heart of town on Ridley St, you can find me and my friends, and potentially you, enjoying a slice of heaven.



So, whether you're in need of a quick bite between classes or a satisfying meal to end your day, these spots in town have got you covered. Make sure to check them out and treat yourself to some delicious food!



By Allison, second-year Marketing & Management student and Student Content Creator