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The Catherine Cookson Foundation | Annual Call for Funding

By Newcastle University

The Catherine Cookson Foundation was set up by the late Dame Catherine Cookson to support academic initiatives within the University. The Foundation has been able to make a valuable and distinctive contribution through a wide variety of awards, including the Go Volunteer programme, research projects, and poetry competitions, amongst others.

Small grants, normally between £500 and £5000, are made to projects on a one-off, non-recurrent basis. To be eligible, projects should:

  • be of modest size;
  • be the type of activity in which Dame Catherine Cookson herself might have had an interest;
  • have no obvious alternative source of support, or be the sort of project where support from the Foundation could be pump-priming for other financial help;
  • have local interest;
  • be of benefit to students.

More information about the awards, and how you can apply, can be found on the Executive Office website. The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 4 June.

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