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Things you didn't know were on the Newcastle University campus!

By Layal, Student Content Creator

Newcastle University’s campus is large - as equally as it is beautiful, charming and historic. Whether you are a new student, or have been a student for years, there may be some places you may not have known were on campus!

I am a first-year student here at Newcastle, and so I wanted to explore all the venues that our campus had to offer! In case you wanted to do the same, I’m here to share some of the interesting places I visited recently:

1. Great North Museum: Hancock

Just a few minutes' walk from King's Gate, there is a lovely museum with many different exhibits; ranging from Fossil Stories, Natural Northumbria, Living Planet- and much more! All the galleries are so engaging and fun to explore with your friends, family or even alone. I personally had a blast at the Fossil Stories exhibit, which featured a life sized T.rex skeleton replica! Here is a picture I took:

T-RexFor another amazing experience within the museum, visit the museum shop for tickets to the planetarium! Prices are reasonable and are available for 15-minute shows, or alternatively longer shows (click here to see what’s on at the planetarium as well as show timings). The museum is free of entry and is open weekdays 10am-5pm and the timings varies on the weekends.

2. Hatton Art Gallery

Hatton Gallery

Across the road from the Great North Museum is the Hatton Art Gallery, which is full of beautiful art exhibits. I found each artwork so fascinating and had a fun time walking around. It's open Monday-Saturday from 10 am-5 pm. It is free admission for everyone and a great place to visit with your friends.

3. Antiques by the Armstrong Building

While the Armstrong building may be home to the King's Hall and several subject areas, there also lies a hidden exhibit in one of the hallways on the first floor. It showcases a number of old ship models which are interesting to view and understand the history of. Many people pass by this hallway daily but may not have known this small exhibit was there. The ship below was one of my favourites!

Armstrong Antiques blog

In addition to the old ship models, there is a statue by the King's Quad which commemorates a very important historical figure. The Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Statue was unveiled at Newcastle University in November 2017 to mark the 50th anniversary of his visit to accept an honorary degree. The statue is symbolic of the rich history of Newcastle and is a focal point of a new procession route that students take at the end of their graduation ceremony. I definitely recommend checking out both the ship models and the statue!

Martin Luther King statue

4. The Student Pantry

The next time you are at the Students' Union and in need of any support, visit the Student Pantry! It is such an amazing initiative by NUSU where students are welcome to grab any quick supplies they need. Items like cleaning supplies, clothes, dry food are available for any student who may need help. Alternatively, if you would like to donate any items, there is a student donation basket by the Union entry for any contributions to the pantry. This is a great, free resource and a nice place to keep in mind for the future!

Students Union


The next time you have a break in between lectures or have time to pass, keep these venues in mind to visit; they are fun to explore, easy to locate, and extremely budget friendly! They truly are hidden gems you can find on campus.

Check out my video exploring these places on TikTok too!



By Layal, first-year Accounting & Finance student and Student Content Creator