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Tour of Newcastle University Business School

By Layal, Student Content Creator

Take a quick peek at Newcastle University Business School and all it has to offer! 


I'm Layal and I'm a first year accounting & finance student at Newcastle University. Come with me for a tour of the Business School!

Business School Café


A popular area for students to eat, study and hang is the Business School Café! Located on the ground floor of the building, it's across the reception area when you walk into the Business School. It has a variety of quick bites and meals,

Career Hub 

The Career Hub is also situated on the ground floor of the Business School, on the right of the reception. Here you can find information on work placements, internship vacancies, and a range of free careers resources.

In addition, the Careers Team also run a drop-in service. This gives you the opportunity to speak to a member of the team without an appointment, providing information and resources to support your career development. The drop-in service is open for for two hours every Monday to Friday during term time only. 

Learning Facilities 

Picture 4

The School fosters the perfect learning experience through its various facilities.

It has plenty of impressive lecture theatres which are present across the Business School and the Frederick Douglass Centre. The laid-back, focused rooms allow for the perfect learning environment, with some capacities in the Business School going up to 200 people! 

When you don't have a lecture, chances are you’ll have a seminar or two. There are countless seminar rooms in the School, across all floors.  One of the nicest ones (in my opinion) is room 2.03, which has flexible, comfortable furniture and an amazing view of St James’ Park football stadium. 

Man at his desk using a Bloomberg Terminal

There is also this super cool computer cluster room, known as the Bloomberg Financial Lab on the 4th floor! It hosts over 20 Bloomberg Terminals, which gives you an insight into the how the financial world works, backed with real-world data, news and analytics. All Business School students have access to the Bloomberg Lab regardless of the course they’re studying, and there is even the opportunity to take the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Certificate. Of course, there are other computer clusters across the Business School, not just a financial one! There are, of course, other IT clusters across the school, this is just a particularly cool one! 

The Study Hub

Located on the 5th floor, the Study Hub is open to all students, giving them a space to study, socialise and relax. With plenty of spacious seating, comfortable study pods, and even a kitchen area, the Hub is a great place to spend your time. It even has a quiet study space for those who need to focus.  

St James' View


Gaining its name from the impressive view of the St James’ Park football stadium, the St James View room is a great event space for all things Business School! It's on the 8th floor of the building and offers plenty of space for students and staff to get together for any events or discussions! 

The Frederick Douglass Centre


Just behind the Business School is the Frederick Douglass Centre, a teaching and learning centre. It features a stunning 750-seat auditorium, a 200-seat lecture theatre and a range of seminar rooms and exhibition spaces over several floors. The building was named in honour of the 19th century social reformer, Frederick Douglass, and offers plenty of study spaces!  


During my time at Newcastle University, I have spent plenty of my time at the Business School. I can proudly say that it offers students with a vibrant campus environment, alongside a range of facilities in order to help us get the most from our time at university - from equipping us with academic skills to career and professional development support. 

I personally love the Business School Café for a quick coffee, or a bite to eat, the Careers Hub for resources and support, as well as the impressive range of lecture theatres and seminar rooms, with the Bloomberg Financial Lab providing a great learning space. The Student Hub and St James' View room also offer space for studying and socialising in a relaxing setting. A 2-minute walk away, the Frederick Douglass Centre adds to the campus experience, with its range of teaching, learning and studying spaces. 

Overall, Newcastle University Business School provides a great place to pursue academic and professional goals. 




By Layal, a first year Accounting & Finance student and Student Content Creator