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UK Disability History Month 2022

By Newcastle University
UK Disability History Month (UKDHM) 2022 runs from 16 November to 16 December, and aims to celebrate the lives of people with disabilities, creating a platform to promote equality and human rights.
The theme for this year is Disability, Health and Wellbeing.

We are excited to invite students and colleagues from all areas of the University to our upcoming events, including a panel discussion of neurodiverse colleagues and students in STEM sharing their experiences, and a workshop about self-advocacy and support. These events aim to help develop an understanding of the barriers that neurodiverse and disabled colleagues and students might face, and share ways to overcome them. We hope the events also help us consider ways to work and learn that reduce disabling factors and amplify diverse abilities, supporting everyone to thrive. Find out more about each event, including booking your place, below:

Panel Discussion: Lived Experiences of Neurodiversity

Workshop: Self-Advocacy, Disability and Neurodiversity

NUSU’s Disability, Mental Health and Neurodiversity Society (DMaNSoc) provides a community for students who are disabled, neurodivergent, have long-term health conditions or mental illness. It aspires to support their wellbeing and empower students to feel seen, heard and help create change.

The Sport and Fitness Centre supports everyone in our university community, and has a referral system in place with NUSU to support participation in fitness activities for students with disabilities. The team offer bespoke fitness introductions, gym tours, fitness equipment inductions, training programmes and additional support to help build a new fitness routine.  To find out more about the opportunities available, email Denis Murphy

The Library’s EDI Guide aims to highlight and curate useful information and resources relating to EDI themes, and provide easy access to them in one place. We hope it will promote awareness and discussion, broaden horizons, and challenge us all. On the Disability Equality pages, you can find information and resources relating to disability themes. The resources include books, films, archives, and social media, and they examine disability issues from many perspectives, including history, society, politics, culture, literature, and more.

The Library also has Be well@NCL, a collection of tried and tested books, chosen in partnership with the University's Student Health and Wellbeing Service and other health professionals. They are available to be borrowed by anyone in the University to help understand and manage their mental health and wellbeing.

If you're a student with a disability/long term medical condition/sensory disability, you can find out more about the guidance available at Disability Support.

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