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How could data enhance your learning?

By Newcastle University

At Newcastle University we are exploring the use of student data to help improve the student learning experience. That’s why we are running a number of Design Sprints for students. Your input will be key to determining some of the software students will use in the future at Newcastle.  


What’s a Design Sprint and how can I get involved? 

A design sprint is a step-by-step approach to solving problems and coming up with alternative solutions.

In the session you will be given a scenario relating to using data to enhance your learning experience and asked to come up with a solution. You will work together with other students during the session so a great chance to demonstrate and develop your collaborative working skills.

All sessions will be held online so anyone with a computer connected to the internet can get involved.


Why take part? 

  • Great addition to your CV/resume 
  • Certificate of Participation 
  • Have a real impact on the approach the University takes 
  • Develop your collaborative working skills 


Sign up 

So, if you’re interested in collaborating in hands-on activities to critique, analyse and design a solution to a given problem,  please sign up to a 2 hour workshop below.


SAgE Design Sprint: Using Data to Support Learning Tuesday 9 February  

(For students in the SAgE Faculty: Natural and Environmental Sciences, Computing, Engineering, Maths, Stats and Physics)


HaSS Design Sprint: Using Data to Support Learning- Wednesday 10 February  

(For students in the HaSS Faculty: Law, Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Modern Languages, Arts and Cultures, English Literature, Language and Linguistics, Business School, Geography, Politics and Sociology, History, Classics and Archaeology, Education, Communication and Language Sciences, Combined Honours and Philosophical Studies)


FMS Design Sprint: Using Data to Support Learning Thursday 11 February  

(For students in the Faculty of Medical Sciences: Biomedical, Nutritional and Sports Sciences, Medical Education, Psychology, Pharmacy and Dental Sciences)


INTO Design Sprint: Using Data to Support Learning Friday 12 February  


You will receive further details when you sign up. If you have any questions, please contact LTDS@ncl.ac.uk.